Meet Andrea

Meet AndreaThank you for the warm wishes, Dan!  I’ve enjoyed following your journey through film and am excited to begin my year as the 2014-15 RMJ Fellow.

I hail from Jackson, Michigan where my five siblings and 30+ Berkemeier (first) cousins have their roots.  Within the last few months, I earned my BSE in Biomedical Engineering, took the MCAT (medical college admissions test), and said my goodbyes to dear Ann Arbor town.  Beginning in September, I will be studying for my Masters in Bioethics at King’s College London.  Though I’ve traveled internationally before (most recently to India with the Society of Women Engineers; Krakow, Poland where I studied at Jagiellonian University; and throughout the Balkans, where I backpacked as I bridged the two separate trips from India to Poland) I have never been to London, or anywhere in England… or the UK for that matter.  This will be a fresh adventure and one that I am very eager to begin.

My background in Biomedical Engineering and intention of studying medicine influenced my decision to study Bioethics during my fellowship year.  I am particularly interested in studying healthcare (and in the future, practicing healthcare!) as a method for caring for the whole person– body, mind, and spirit.  This topic has been important from the day we began wondering “What does it mean to be human?” and still guides our actions in 2014 as we navigate the Ebola breakout.  I look forward to using this blog to sharing my thoughts, challenges, successes, and fun moments with you and hope you’ll join me in conversation throughout my fellowship term.



PS: For those of you that have followed this blog in previous years, you’ll notice that things look slightly different.  In order to give you the best reading experience that blends both text & photos, we will be using a wordpress blog (instead of google).   To view posts from previous years, please visit the “History of Fellows” page.   To receive email updates when I publish a new blog post, click the blue follow button at the top of the right-hand sidebar.  Happy reading!