Mastering the British Language

In response to the many a joke regarding the differences between the language we speak in the States and that which is spoken by Brits, I’ve decided to keep this running post:


  • \chps\
  • n. fried rectangular pieces of potato; french fries
  • Fish and chips, kiddo. “Fries” are only sold at American shops like Five Guys.


  • \krsp\
  • n. thin slices of potato that are fried until crispy; usually found packaged in a bag; marketed in America as “chips”
  • How cute! The American said “the chips are tasty!” Next she’ll be telling you she likes your pants!


  • \ˈfrɛʃə\
  • n. a first year student, either Bachelor’s or Master’s student
  • All Fresher’s should meet in the courtyard at 14:00 for a walking tour of the neighborhood.


  • \ˈjəm-pər\
  • n. sweatshirt or sweater that doesn’t open in the front; not a cardigan or a dress-type uniform worn by 7 year old girls
  • Brrr!  I need a jumper or a beer jacket!  (<– overheard by a Fresher)



  • \pnts\
  • n. underwear, not to be confused with trousers


  • \prpr\
  • From the Cambridge dictionary: in a socially and morally acceptable way
  • Often inserted to indicate the preferred method




  • /kju/
  • n. a line
  • v. to form a line
  • “An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one.” – George Mikes
  • London at First Glance


  • /ʃlɛp/
  • v. to haul stuff awkwardly (as in suitcases)
  • Since there was no lift, Andrea had to schlep 2 suitcases up multiple flights of stairs at Picadilly station.
  • London at First Glance



  • \ˈtraʊzəz\
  • n. long clothing article that covers you from waist to ankle, not to be confused with pants

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