Meet Allison!

My dad and me in Hofbrauhaus in Munich, 2013.
My dad and me in Hofbrauhaus in Munich, 2013.

Hello everyone! I am so thrilled to finally be joining (and eventually taking over for) Andrea on the Roger M Jones Fellowship blog. Andrea has done an amazing job in including us in her personal adventures and challenging us with her course material. It will be an exciting challenge for me to follow her example in providing such interesting and thought-provoking posts.

I’m also a native Michigander, born and raised in Port Huron. This past May I received my BSE in Computer Science and BS in German. Starting in October I’ll be studying at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt an der Oder in Germany, which is the little Frankfurt on the German-Polish border. I spent a year of my undergraduate living in Freiburg, Germany, and I’m ecstatic that I have found my way back to the country — though on the exact opposite end. I will be enrolling in a Master’s Program on International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, and in the next few weeks I thoroughly look forward to exploring with you how this does, in fact, have a lot to do with my Computer Science degree. In the meantime, I’ll be taking a two-week summer course on the European System of Human Rights Protection, which is starting Monday (!), and settling into my new city.

At the moment, my journey has just barely begun. I’m sitting in the Toronto airport with one hour to boarding. As excited as I am and have been for many months, the last few weeks of planning for the trip were a bit foggier and the goodbyes a bit harder than anticipated. For those who haven’t been in touch with me recently, my dad passed away a little over two weeks ago, while I was traveling in Liberia. I was fortunately able to return home shortly after and be with my family. Although my dad enjoyed grumbling about the full-time job I walked away from to take this fellowship, I know he was proud of the decision I made and the paths I’ve taken in my studies and my life. This will be a difficult year for me to be away from home, but I am so grateful to the Roger M Jones Fellowship and to my family for making this experience possible. I look forward to sharing it here with you. 

RMJ travels from England to Germany

Another quick post:

For those of you that have been following this blog over the past year, you’ll have noticed that I had a good bit of radio silence during my summer writing months. Fear not: I have taken loads of photos and jotted down musings to capture these moments… which will eventually be published as blog posts. 😉  Although finishing my dissertation marks the end of my year as the 2014-15 RMJ Fellow, I’ll be sharing air time during September with the 2015-16 RMJ Fellow, Allison McDonald. She’ll be heading off to Germany this weekend, so stay tuned for her introduction!

All the best and to be continued…

Andrea xx