About Roger M. Jones

(Photo courtesy of UM Bentley Historical Library)
Roger M. Jones

Roger M. Jones

A professor of humanities at the University of Michigan College of Engineering, Roger M. Jones (d. 1977) was dedicated to teaching his students the profound human value of literature, and poetry in particular.  A memorial fund was established shortly after Professor Jones’ death in 1977 to honor his memory and to celebrate his conviction about the relevance of the humanities in a technological age.


The Roger M. Jones Fellowship

Supported by the memorial fund, the Roger M. Jones Fellowship provides a graduating University of Michigan engineering student the opportunity to study the humanities at a European university to broaden and deepen his or her previous education in the College of Engineering.  For more information about the Fellowship, including information about the application and interview process for current UM students, please visit:   http://studentawards.engin.umich.edu/fellowship/


The Roger M. Jones Poetry Contest

Supported by the memorial fund, the Roger M. Jones Poetry Contest was established by Professor Jones’ colleagues in 1977 to honor his memory and his commitment to teaching engineering students about poetry. The contest encourages engineering students to write poetry and to experience the pleasure of using their creative imaginations to speak to others.  For more information about the Poetry Contest, including information about how current UM students can participate, please visit:  http://studentawards.engin.umich.edu/poetry/

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