History of Fellows

2019-2020  Rami Farawi

  • BSE Chemical Engineering, minor in Poetry
  • Studying Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London (England)
  • Read about Rami’s experience beginning with: Meet Rami!

2019-2020  Charles Velis

  • BSE Mechanical Engineering
  • Studying War Studies at the University of Glasgow (Scotland)
  • Read about Charles’ experience beginning with: Meet Charles!

2018-2019  Paul Reggentin

  • BSE Electrical Engineering, minors in Music and Math
  • Studying Composition Lit at King’s College (England)
  • Read about Paul’s experience beginning with: Meet Paul!

2018-2019  Sonia Thosar

  • BSE Industrial and Operations Engineering, 2018, minor in Business
  • Studying Film Studies at the University College London (England)
  • Read about Sonia’s experience beginning with: Meet Sonia!

2017-2018  Jeffrey Thiele

  • BSE Biomedical Engineering 2017, minor in Music (performance/composition)
  • Studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics of Health at University College London (England)
  • Read about Jeffrey’s experience beginning with: Meet Jeffrey!

2016-2017  Ashley Kiemen

  • BSE Chemical Engineering 2016, minor in History
  • Studied Philosophy of Science at London School of Economics (England)
  • Read about Ashley’s experience beginning with: Meet Ashley!

2015-2016  Allison McDonald

  • BSE Computer Science Engineering, BS German
  • Studied Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at the European University Viadrina (Germany)
  • Read about Allison’s experience beginning with: Meet Allison!

2014-15  Andrea Berkemeier

  • BSE Biomedical Engineering 2014, minor in music
  • Studied Bioethics & Society at King’s College London
  • Read about Andrea’s experience on this blog beginning with: Meet Andrea

2013-14  Daniel Connors

  • BSE Chemical & Material Science Engineering 2012, minor in Art and Design
  • Studied History of Art at University College London
  • Read about Dan’s experience beginning with:  An Introduction

2012-13  Cassandra Ballert

  • BSE Chemical Engineering and BA German, 2012
  • Studied Environmental Ethics at the University of Augsburg (Germany)
  • Read about Cassie’s experience beginning with: Welcome, Welcome

2011-12  Jessie Carr

  • BSE Biomedical Engineer
  • Studied English Literature at King’s College London and the Classics at University College London
  • Read about Jessie’s experience beginning with:  Off to London!

2010-11  Sarah Verner

  • BSE Mechanical Engineering
  • Studied Creative Writing at University of Southampton (England)
  • Read about Sarah’s experience beginning with: And so it begins

2009-10 Chelsea Haughn

  • BSE Material Science Engineering
  • Studied Literature & Humanities at University of Cambridge and University of Westminster

2009 Andrew Becker

  • BSE Industrial and Operations Engineering
  • Studied at University of Oxford
  • Read about Andrew’s experience on his blog: Veni Vidi Vici Oxford

2009 Chelsea

2008-09 Ryan Rindler

2006-07  Kyle Allison

  • BSE Chemical Engineering, 2006
  • Studied Modern Literature at Royal Holloway College London

2005-06  Thom Rainwater

  • BSE Electrical Engineering, 2005
  • Studied Modern Poetry and Scottish Verse at University of St Andrews

2004  Paul Albertus

  • BSE Chemical Engineer 2003
  • Studied English Literature and Political Science at the University of York

2003-04  John Decker Ringo

  • BSE Chemical and Mechanical Engineering 2003
  • Studied Modern Literature at Royal Holloway College London

1994-95 R. Polk Wagner

  • BSE Industrial and Operations Engineer, 1993
  • Studied at London School of Economics

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